The Tortoise and the Hare (test)

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The hare never accepted to be beaten by the tortoise. He used to claim that he lost only because of a careless mistake, and that his lightning pace should have won the race. "I fell asleep that's all, it is not my fault", said the hare. "Well", replied the tortoise, "I am not the one to blame either, but I still won the race, fair and square."

"It was pure luck!", roared the hare, "Let us race again please, and this time I will never stop to take a nap or anything like that. I will just run straight through to the finish line, and I am so fast that you cannot win, it is just impossible". "You may be right", thought the tortoise, "but you show such arrogance that I am sure you will find a way to lose the race again. So I accept the challenge!"

The next day at dawn, another course was planned, and they stood at the starting line. Will the hare finally win against the tortoise? If not, what could possibly have happened for the hare to lose again?

Do not miss the hilarious sequel to the "The Tortoise and the Hare", the famous fable by Aesop.


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