I read in the newsletter that the TC-RTC site will be going down this year.
Sincerely speaking, i felt sad, and i think you deserve to know why.
It is almost 15 years that i am now practising 3D CG, starting with povray and now with 3ds max.
It is of course only a hobby for me as my job is much more boring (:-))....
Entering a new challenge is always a great time. How to find inspiration ?.... What idea / concept has never been tried ?

Once the idea is identified, the development of the WIP is also entertaining, because i always try to put new technics / objects, exploring the infinite possibilities of 3ds max.
And the greatest of all, is to discover what the other cheppers have eventually done. Comparing my work to the others is unique for improving my own skills.

So definitely TC-RTC is challenging, entertaining, and also a good way to discuss with cheppers around the world.

I'll miss TC RTC as i missed IRTC.

Even if i was an engineer (a few centuries ago) i don't know what i can do to help building a new competition, but be sure i ll do my best again to help.

Thanks, many thanks, eternal thanks to our administrators. Good luck to you for all your coming challenges.

Sincerely yours

Yves Yves LEQUENNE @ 2017-03-10, 22:52
Thanks Yves for this testimony. I would say that the best way for you to help is simply by continuing doing what you usually do: participate and show yourself as a prolific contributor. Dr No @ 2017-03-10, 18:03
I am very happy to have a window coming from Noware. Tina Chep, http://www.tc-rtc.co.uk/ @ 2016-10-26, 21:58