Free 3D program!

Noa also proposes software made for the non-technical artists.
It is quite easy to compose a 3D scene with stunning results.

Our first 3D application (called Grafreed) is ready to download!

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Image compression

This image compression technique is a good trade-off between JPG and PNG. It is comparable to JPG when comparing file size with respect to perceptual artifacts. And there is also a lossless mode which is slightly smaller than PNG. Overall, the algorithm is better than both JPG and PNG for bitmap tex ...



Image enlargement

Any image can be enlarged 3x3 thanks to a smart edge detector. ...




Most rigging software exposes paint tools to adjust the bone weights. However with GrafreeD, the user has to modify instead the elliptical shapes of the skeleton. The envelop of each bone is still a support for the mesh, but for a spherical bone, the overall contribution is low. On the other hand, w ...



Speech synthesis

Using MBROLA database, it is possible to generate pretty realistic human voice. However, tedious work is necessary to tune individual sentences. Thanks to an automatic process using a phonetic dictionary, we are able to generate instructions for the MBROLA engine which then produces decent non-robot ...



UV mapping

It is possible to generate UV coordinates all over a sphere without any pole. ...



Image feature detection

The compositer allows for detection and modification of image features. There are selection modes such as color and intensity. If some object has an unique color, it is easy to detect and select. Then the resulting selected areas can be modified. ...



Mesh reduction

The GrafreeD mesh simplifier is a triangle-collapse approach. ...



Volume meshing

This is a special volumetric meshing scheme. Instead of subdividing a box, we split one tetrahedron into eight. Each resulting tetrahedron is not necessarily regular, so there is a limit for the recursive depth without having really distorted shapes. ...



Cloth simulation

GrafreeD allows for fast and stable mass-spring simulation. The system can support arbitrary node mass, spring stiffness, and time step. It is also robust to handle sudden events such as collision. Furthermore, a special process of the surface appearance makes the mesh smooth both for display and si ...



Metal shader

Shading is about defining an illumination model of the surface. The advanced notion is called BRDF for Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function. In general, it has 4 degrees of freedom, but it goes down to 3 for isotropic surfaces. First, we will show the impact of the roughness for both the ...



Floating-point Format

There exists a floating-point number with more accuracy and more range. ...




The Compositer allows for image processing, storyboard design and movie editing.   ...




Grafreed allows for fast creation of stunning 3D scenes. All pictures, animations, and storyboards across this website have been created using it. The renderer is OpenGL which makes the application fast enough to be considered as a real-time previewer. Unless the scene is very complex, all tuning ...




Gamebit is a chess program that does not limit the search depth a priori. Some of its concepts could be reused for other games using search trees such as Backgammon, Go, etc. The name Gamebit comes from "game", "bit", and "gambit", which means temporary sacrifice.   The concept.  &n ...