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A man comes across a new world and is on his way to find its origin.

TOPIC: Out, the full dialog

13 Oct 2020 03:16

Narrator - Pacific Ocean 8h58am, Sonny is about to land on the sea.

Sonny - Here we are. The GPS shows the location of the Mendocino zone. After such a significant earthquake, we can expect some serious activity down there.

Colin - You bet. We should reach record levels for smokers emission.

Sonny - That is what we are about to find out.
Sonny - The impact must be major at a triple junction... Next time, maybe could we face a tidal wave along the California coast...
Sonny - Not much is known about the submarine section, because the faults are easier to study on land using seismic profiles.
Sonny - Stop the engines...
Sonny - I think I am gonna take a long tour to look around carefully.
Sonny - I'll be back in two hours or so...

Colin - Take care...
Colin - Are you familiar with this type of mission?

Sonny - No, the Mendocino area is not a rift system like the East African region I am used to.
Sonny - At the junction, the Mendocino and San Andreas transverse faults come together with a subduction zone.
Sonny - Since the friction heat from this subduction is released through volcanoes like Mount Hood and Mount St Helene...
Sonny - ...the volcanic activity should increase quite a lot in a near future.
Sonny - It's so dark in here...

Colin - Why don't you take your sunglasses off?

Sonny - Now that's better.
Sonny - What was I saying?

Colin - You were talking about the subduction zone...

Sonny - Yes, exactly.
Sonny - What happens is that the California Plate slides north-west while the Juan de Fuca Plate slides east and in the process is subducted by the North American Plate.
Sonny - So I shall collect some samples of metals and minerals coming from the subduction trench, and perform the heat measurements along the San Andreas fault later on.

Colin - I'll make sure your ultralight is ready.

Sonny - Thanks Colin.

Narrator - 20 minutes later...

Sonny - I am about to reach the ocean floor...
Sonny - There should be a great deal of smokers around here...
Sonny - What the hell is that?!
Sonny - This is insane!

Sonny - I've never seen something like that!
Sonny - ???
Sonny - How come such a framework can ever get here?!

Sonny - Amazing!
Sonny - It doesn't even look like any known architecture...
Sonny - Its technology is quite impressive...
Sonny - I can't believe my eyes...
Sonny - What is...?
Sonny - ??!?

Narrator - Four hours later...

Sonny - Hi Colin, I'm on my way to the pull-apart basin.
Sonny - Yes, we have to go back to the triple junction tomorrow. I didn't bring any camera this morning. I can't imagine the impact of such a discovery...
Sonny - That framework was so intriguing. It looked like coming from the future!
Sonny - I am about to put down the instruments. I'll call you back.
Sonny - OK, see you later.

Sonny - I won't need all the equipment. I want to take a look around first...
Sonny - The recent seismic activity must have release a lot of heat.
Sonny - The measurements should tell us more about the strain along the fault faces.

Sonny - The ground is shaking!
Sonny - My sunglasses fooled me! I'm gonna die for sure!!
Sonny - GOD DAMN IT!!
Sonny - NOooo!

Sonny - AHaaah...

Adam - Let us hope it's gonna work...
Eve - It has to. We must succeed...
Together - We must... succeed...

Sonny - What happened?
Sonny - I survived thanks to this net. It doesn't make any sense.
Sonny - What is this place?
Sonny - There is a rope to climb down...
Sonny - I was so sure to die... I had a vision...

Sonny - A human skull on top of a spider body again... What does that mean?
Sonny - I must be crazy...
Sonny - And there I am alive, saved by a spider net...
Sonny - It should be really hot down here, but the air is a little coldish instead...
Sonny - Nothing makes sense.

Ingis - A HUMAN!!

Sonny - ???

Sonny - What??

Ingis - It's the first time I see a human getting down here...
Ingis - I'm afraid this could be a problem...

Sonny - A problem?

Ingis - No outersider like you has ever discovered the undersider world.
Ingis - For most people here, you will be considered as a dangerous witness.

Sonny - Well it depends.
Sonny - Who would believe me if I can't believe it myself?

Ingis - That is funny indeed.
Ingis - Look, I trust you and I will let you go out.

Sonny - That is very kind of you. But what about the others?

Ingis - As long as nobody sees you, it's fine, but I need Nowé.
Ingis - He has access to the outside.
Ingis - Follow me.

Sonny - Noway? What a strange name.

Ingis - "Nowé" with an accent.
Ingis - He thinks it comes from "Noé" which means "Noah" in French...

Sonny - Noah the patriach?

Ingis - Yes.
Ingis - My name is Ingis, and yours?

Sonny - Sonny. I just can't realize I'm still alive.
Sonny - What is the purpose of this spider web?

Ingis - It's more of a symbol we never expected to serve as a safety.
Ingis - It's made of real spider silk.
Ingis - The Spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth.
Ingis - Just as the Spider weaves a web, so too must we weave our own lives.
Ingis - But I've been told that it means something completely different in the context of the riddle.

Sonny - What riddle?

Ingis - How would you turn a spider into an eye?

Sonny - What?
Sonny - It doesn't mean anything!

Ingis - Yes it does.
Ingis - There is only one answer.

Sonny - You know the answer?

Ingis - No. Otherwise, I would know everything about the origin of our world.

Sonny - You don't know anything about your own world??

Ingis - As far as its origin is concerned, we know nothing.
Ingis - It's been like that for time immemorial.

Sonny - It gets dark in here. I would say your wrist light is...
Sonny - ...handy.

Ingis - My cape is not.

Sonny - Why do you shave your head?

Ingis - I never got hair.

Sonny - No? How is it possible?

Ingis - Nobody can tell.
Ingis - We're gonna follow a different path to make sure we don't run across anybody.
Ingis - That sound! No!

Sonny - You mean the metallic sound?

Ingis - A cyborg is coming!

Sonny - Are we in danger?

Ingis - We must hide ourselves!
Ingis - Quick!
Ingis - It has passed by...
Ingis - Too late, we have been recorded!

Ingis - God damn it!

Sonny - Why are you so upset?

Ingis - I don't see how you could ever go back to the surface...

Sonny - You can't be serious!

Ingis - Let us talk to Nowé first, but there is no hope.

Sonny - No hope at all?
Sonny - This is not convenient.

Ingis - The cyborg captured us with its head camera.
Ingis - It will show us on all monitors.
Ingis - And most people won't agree to let you go out.

Sonny - That robot seems extremely complex.
Sonny - How did you build it?

Ingis - We didn't.

Sonny - Where does it come from?

Ingis - Any cyborg can build another one.
Ingis - And any cyborg has been built by another one.
Ingis - But we don't know what happened to the original one.

Sonny - That makes it clear, really.

Ingis - It was only a cyborg, so it just doesn't exist anymore.

Ingis - All we know is that they built this entire place.

Sonny - They must be intelligent...
Sonny - order to set up such an amazing facility!

Ingis - Well, obviously cyborgs are not intelligent at all, as only life is.
Ingis - They are controlled mostly by human motion capture.

Sonny - I kinda guess how it works.
Sonny - At this depth, you have access to a huge source of energy.
Sonny - So you tap directly into the magma??
Sonny - But the heat should be toasting us as we speak!

Ingis - We use heat pumps to cool down most areas.
Ingis - A stream of warm air is coming out of the footbridge.
Ingis - As far as I know, our technology is more advanced than yours.

Sonny - I can see that already.
Sonny - How come such a world can even exist?

Ingis - Your guess is mine.
Ingis - Once it's begun, it works, but we've never found out how it started...

Sonny - I can't figure it out either. It seems impossible.

Ingis - We don't have much of a clue, only a few riddles and symbols.
Ingis - Everything else has been destroyed, we don't know why.

Sonny - So what remains is only speculation about your origin?

Ingis - Yes. Our history has been erased on purpose a long time ago.

Sonny - How long?

Ingis - About 9000 years!

Ingis - Believe it or not, 9000 years ago, all our books and libraries have been destroyed, and all we know nowadays is only one riddle.
Ingis - A riddle which is just impossible to solve.

Sonny - "How can you turn a spider into an eye?"

Ingis - Yes. As I told you, there is an answer, but can you figure it out? Nobody did so far.

Sonny - But suppose you know the answer to the riddle, would you finally find your origin?

Ingis - It goes the other way around: once one knows our origin, THEN one gets to the answer.

Sonny - I don't see the point of a riddle that nobody can solve.

Ingis - You talk like Nowé!
Ingis - He shall tell you more than I could.
Ingis - But as I told you, don't expect him to help you much. The riddle really is too smart for anybody.

Ingis - Anybody, except Sparx of course...

Sonny - Who is he?
Sonny - Does he know about the riddle?

Ingis - Of course he knows. He's the Old Master who knows everything!

Sonny - So he knows how to turn a spider into an eye?

Ingis - Yes! but he doesn't want to tell us!

Sonny - No? Why?

Ingis - He says it is not up to him!
Ingis - As I told you, there is no point to know the answer. It won't help you at all.

Sonny - But it is still intriguing...

Ingis - It sure is. But Sparx told me that curiosity is not a good enough reason.
Ingis - One has to figure out what everything is about first.

Ingis - Here we are. Nowé is almost always around here...
Ingis - Nowé?
Ingis - I'm glad you're here...
Ingis - You won't believe it!

Nowe - INGIS!
Nowe - Who is this man??
Nowe - An outersider!!
Nowe - How is it possible?

Ingis - His name is Sonny. He felt into the Holy Hole and saved by the spider web!

Sonny - I was about to install measuring instruments, and then...
Sonny - I was... Oh!.. That symbol again!!
Sonny - Now THAT would explain eveything...

Nowe - Explain what?

Sonny - How your world has begun!

Nowe - Are you serious?

Sonny - Yes. I saw that very same symbol on a framework I found while exploring along the Mendocino submarine fracture...
Sonny - It can't be a coincidence!

Nowe - The Mendocino area is quite far from here...
Nowe - But you know what? It could make sense.
Nowe - I've never thought of that!

Sonny - The framework looked like wrecked for so long on the ocean bottom that in time it could have been translated to the subduction zone...

Ingis - Are you saying that our world has started by people digging into the coast from the ocean floor?

Nowe - Isn't it easier than digging directly from the surface?

Sonny - Maybe could there be natural entries such as the basin I felt into...

Nowe - That was the prevailing theory...
Nowe - We always imagined that people at some point decided to climb down through such holes.
Nowe - But if the goal was to extract the energy from the magma, shouldn't we see various pipelines going out to the surface?

Ingis - On the contrary, everything looks like people wanted to live down here in the first place.

Sonny - Maybe people had to run away from some kind of a danger...

Nowe - ... lasting for 9000 years?

Sonny - You are right. Nothing makes much sense.

Nowe - Come on. Follow me.
Nowe - I'm gonna show you one more thing...
Nowe - I really doubt it, but maybe would it ring a bell...

Ingis - The totem! I forgot to talk about it.

Nowe - Once again, don't expect much of it, but we never know...

Sonny - What is it?

Nowe - It shows two key locations on Earth.
Nowe - One of them points along the California coast...
Nowe - And the other one is situated in the middle of southern France...

Sonny - What do you make of it?

Nowe - Not much to be honest...

Ingis - Of course, we think the first location refers to our own undersider world.

Sonny - And the other one?

Nowe - We've never heard about any other world located in France.
Nowe - So not much of a progress so far...

Sonny - I see... but you're aware that another world must exist...

Nowe - It has to. Unfortunately, we know very little about it...
Nowe - It's useless to explore around just in case, you would find nothing for sure...
Nowe - You have to know what you're looking for first...

Sonny - It was impossible for the outersiders as you call us to discover this mysterious world of yours...
Sonny - It required unbelievable luck! There had to be an earthquake while I was too close to the edge.
Sonny - And then there had to be a safety net!

Nowe - Is this what happened? Very unlikely indeed.
Nowe - Don't expect the other world to be easier to find.

Sonny - Can you be more specific about the location in France?
Sonny - What would be the search area?

Ingis - The entire volcanic region I'm afraid...

Sonny - The entire Massif Central?
Sonny - But such an area is like exploring half of the California state!

Nowe - Maybe can we narrow it down...
Nowe - ... but we don't even know what to look for.
Last Edit: 13 Oct 2020 03:17 by NoaFilms.
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