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What is NOA exactly?

Noa of Arc is about forums, picture galleries, and member profiles.
Most content comes from people all over the world.


NOA is becoming a global website where everything is at one place. Some websites focus on videos, images, forums, social networking, entertainment, online software, etc., Noa of Arc has all of that integrated, and centralized.

What is the advantage? Independent websites can hardly communicate with each other, and they do not share the same user database. As a result, browsing inside the same website is always easier than browsing from one website to another. So there is nothing like that on the web...


NOA is about what everybody can do. Anybody can aspire to do art, writing, music, etc. It is up to people to catch the wave, for the website to grow indefinitely with amazing content!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the galleries have a lot to say. The topics include Architecture art, Art illusions, Bridges in art, Cityscape art, History painting, Horses in art, Landscape art. And also, Marine art, Memento Mori, Narrative art, Nocturne painting, Portrait art, Space art, Still life, Street art, and Visionary art!



The most important aspect of NOA is simply people. Why? Because a person is always a bridge to explore even more content. By posting in the forum topics, by uploading pictures, and by having connections with other people, the member profiles are pivotal for the navigation throughout this website.

A member profile is complete with the following tabs: Personal, Background, Hobbies, Canvas, Portrait, Gravatar, Presentation, Voice track, Privacy, Photos, Music, Videos, Files, Gallery, Connections, Invites, Visitors, Blogs, Forums, Groups, Journal, Book, and Wall.


What is NOWARE exactly?

Noware is about the content that not everybody can do, but that everybody can appreciate.
It includes custom films, image slideshows, and online playhouse.

I AM hilarious!

The Tortoise and the Hare: the Sequel!

The Hare never accepted being beaten by the Tortoise. He used to claim that he lost only because of a careless mistake, and that his lightning pace should have won the race. "I fell asleep that's all, it's not my fault", said the Hare. "Well, I am not the one to blame either", replied the Tortoise, "but I still won the race, fair and square".

"It was pure luck!", roared the Hare, "Let us race again please, ..."


Out, the new world

Out, the undiscovered world

A man discovers a new world, and is on his way to find its origin.

When exploring the Mendocino triple junction, Sonny (geologist) discovers an underwater structure. It could be anything, but technically more advanced than today. Afterwards, while examining a canyon along San Andreas fault, Sonny slips into a large pull-apart basin, and falls down for about two kilometers. He unexpectedly survives thanks to a giant spider web...




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